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Hunt down value wines for game birds

The Hunter’s Moon might be on the wane, but the season is just getting started for game birds. Lunar cycles notwithstanding, this is when quail, pheasant and other feathery creatures make bird-brained forays into the marshy blind (crow, too!). And … Continue reading

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Chicago restaurateurs choose value wines: Part II

Despite the recession (note to both political parties: it’s still around), a number of Chicago’s restaurants break new ground. They dazzle their patrons with culinary creativity – and establish a following despite often-bleak predictions. Meanwhile, the city’s reliable stand-bys maintain … Continue reading

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Value-priced Chianti crowns hearty pasta meals

There’s something almost therapeutic when one’s home is awash in the aroma of an old-time spaghetti sauce. A grim and rainy Sunday afternoon can be foiled by a slow-cooked Bolognese sauce – or other meat-laden “gravies” that dress any large … Continue reading

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Gemini Bistro: Comfort in value wine

It can take a formidable ego to be a chef in any large city, let alone Chicago. But for Jason Paskewitz – the man who has driven notable cuisine at local restaurants where the term “fusion” would be a trite … Continue reading

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Chill out with value wine during Chili Month

All gourmands and carousers know that monthly observances should be based on food and drink. Identity Group Heritage Month? Bah! Disease Awareness Month? There’s always a sword to fall upon somewhere, and Value Wine Chicago politely declines. All gluttonous and … Continue reading

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Want Bordeaux-style Merlot? Try Washington State

For those who enjoy discovering on-the-rise varietals – a regular practice here, and by Chicago-based sommeliers and wine directors – what follows departs a bit from the theme many readers have come to expect. Merlot. This word can be anathema … Continue reading

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Greek reds: Great value wines for fall

Now that the picnic table is caked in the schmutz of damp leaves, it’s time to move inside, build a fire and fill the house with the aromas of slow food. Autumn is a great time of year to experiment … Continue reading

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