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American wines for Independence Day

When California vintners began to seriously cultivate the red wine grapes of Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc.) to compete on even footing with the French, it created both a successful business model, plus expectations among connoisseurs and collectors. The ante … Continue reading

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Dry Riesling: Whet the appetite for spicy food

Chicago boasts quite an array of restaurants whose fare has a notable kick. The pronounced heat associated with Thai, Chinese and Mexican food can produce one’s natural pain killers – and (happily) a mild euphoria. This tableside bliss can be tempered, however, by an unwieldy pairing … Continue reading

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Thirst for different wines quenched by summery Italian whites

Following a harsh winter made for booming red wines, people might want something wholly different from the toothsome and the tannic. A sputtering spring notwithstanding, the alfresco dining season is finally here in earnest. A good drinking partner is in … Continue reading

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